Agresta cooperative launches crowdfunding campaign to mitigate climate change

Agresta cooperative launches crowdfunding campaign to mitigate climate change

The Agresta cooperative has been providing forestry solutions and generating alternatives for the rural environment for more than 20 years. It has now launched a crowdfunding campaign to restore the degraded environment of the municipality of San Cebrián de Mudá (Palencia), converting an old rubbish dump into a forest.

This is a town belonging to the Montaña Palentina, with a great mining tradition and famous for its initiatives of recovery and enhancement of the natural environment, as is the example of the European Bison Reserve, located in the municipality since 2010 and the only national reserve of European bison in Spain.

The "El Bosque de los Mineros" initiative seeks the support of as many people as possible to recover the landscape and wildlife corridor occupied by the mining dump and, at the same time, to absorb the CO2 emissions that are being generated every day.

Agresta and its Foresfy platform, as well as entities such as AIR Institute have been part of the project, contributing to the technological part of the initiative through blockchain consultancy. Thus, resulting from this collaboration and project will be a future miners' forest divided into three zones, which represent the different vegetation levels of the landscape of the Montaña Palentina:

  • The riverside forest: it provides freshness and shade to the streams.
  • The edible or hillside forest: associated with the areas closest to the villages, providing edible fruits and increasing biodiversity.
  • The oak forest: representing the potential habitat of the bison, aligned with the Bison Bonasus project for the recovery of the European bison.

The project is aimed at all citizens, companies, NGOs, associations, event organisers, etc. who strive to contribute to the mitigation of climate change and the improvement of biodiversity in villages. Anyone interested in making a contribution can do so through this link, with different donation and reward options.

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