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Juan Manuel Corchado

Juan Manuel Corchado

Director of the Digital Innovation Hub

Letter of support

In today's global world, technology and knowledge are within our reach, inventions, patents, publications and prototypes have become commonplace. I always wonder, however, why so few of these discoveries become real products and contribute to transcending our society.

We are aware that research involves creating something that goes beyond what we have today, beyond the current limits of technology. This is what we want to do, keeping in mind that our final aim is to develop novel products and services. We propose creations that have the potential of transcending our society. To be able to do this we need to be competitive and provide solutions that respond to our society’s needs. Moreover, it is necessary we fit within suitable research and industrialization costs.

This is where the real challenge lies, in providing our society with designs that will help improve it and to transfer these designs when our society and industries require them.  Certainly, research does not bring immediate results, it is impossible; however, our experience and the fields of knowledge we research allow us to face and overcome technological challenges.

For this reason, we have embarked on the idea of promoting projects that have a positive and direct impact on the society and the environment and created the Digital Innovation Hub. With the vast experience and the help of our partners, we are ready to face all kinds of challenges. We put ourselves at your disposal and are willing to develop projects that are interesting and challenging to all of us.

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