DeWeb Virtual Hackathon: JUNE 7 - JUNE 21

DeWeb Virtual Hackathon: JUNE 7 - JUNE 21

As a partner of Syntropystack, we are very proud to be able to be a collaborator in the Syntropy DeWeb Hackathon.

We all agree that the Internet has been the great revolution of the last century, as it has connected the world in ways that were previously inconceivable, but it doesn't stop here; many advances can still be made in this field and important security-related problems are yet to be resolved.

This is the reason for the Syntropy DeWeb Hackathon.

What is Syntropy DeWeb Hackathon?

Syntropy DeWeb Hackathon arises as a challenge for the brave. What if we were to go one step further in the field of the "Internet"? What if you could build on a default encrypted and automatically optimized Internet? What if everything was fully compatible with current Internet protocols, paving the way for immediate adoption?

If you think you could help build some of these solutions, you need to be a part of this event!

Syntropy DeWeb Hackathon rewards the efforts and progress made by individuals and teams in several categories.


A team formed by prestigious international judges, leaders in cryptography, will evaluate each proposal and award a prize to the best ones.

What challenges can you address? 

Every imaginable challenge can be addressed DeWeb Hackathon! Choose your theme (learn more here)

- Blockchain applications / integrations

- Gaming applications

- IoT applications

- Software applications

- UI / UX track

- DARP data analysis

What prizes are you eligible for?

150k in prizes:

- $ 75 000 3 teams will be awarded $ 25,000

- 40,000 4 teams will be awarded $10,000

- 20,000 5 teams will be awarded $4,000

- 15,000 60 teams will be awarded $250 for a successful presentation.


How do I sign up?

Register before June 6 and enjoy the excitement of participating in the DeWeb Hackathon!


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