Disruptive technologies and the circular economy key to understanding Plasticircle's success

Disruptive technologies and the circular economy key to understanding Plasticircle's success

Next Tuesday 13 April 2021, the Plasticircle conference will be held where the results of the project will be presented. The event will be organised by the Itene technology centre in collaboration with KIMbcn, Proplast and Iclei, and is supported by Ecoembes and PlasticsEurope.

 PlastiCircle is part of the Horizon 2020 programme and its pilot tests are being carried out in Valencia (Spain), Alba lulia (Romania) and Utrecht (Netherlands).

This project aims to promote the transition to a circular economy and to help meet the European Union's recycling and waste management targets for 2030. Currently, more than 25.8 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced annually in EU Member States, with only 29.7% being recycled.

PlastiCircle's efforts involve transforming plastic waste into valuable products through smart containers for separate waste collection. This will be done by improving transport routes as well as sorting and reprocessing technologies, which will eventually turn packaging waste into value-added products such as foam board, car parts, roofing, membranes, rubbish bags, asphalt and urban infrastructure.



Source: Plasticircle

The IOT Digital Innovation Hub encourages everyone to attend this end-of-project conference on Tuesday 13th, as it is free of charge and we believe it is a good opportunity to understand the circular economy: a strategy that aims to reduce both the input of raw materials and the production of waste, closing the "loops" or waste of economic and ecological resources.

In particular, we encourage all industrial sectors that are part of the plastic packaging value chain (plastics industry, converters, waste managers, recyclers...), as well as public authorities and policy makers, to attend the event in order to understand what Plasticircle has achieved over the last 4 years by using plastic waste.

Here is the link to register!


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