Great day at Community Days!

Great day at Community Days!

Within the Community Day organized in the DIH World project by DIH: PISMO Business Incubator  and in collaboration with the SIMORA Regional Development Agency (Croatia); Today, it has been possible to learn more about how data is transformed into valuable information thanks to Deep Intelligence.

During the talk, our DIH Leader, Juan Manuel Corchado, presented some of the tools of the Air Institute, coordinator of our Hub, in the field of Industry 4.0, Deep Learning and Smart Cities, both their own (Deep Intelligence), such as those developed in collaboration with other institutions.

Deep Intelligence has been designed to help you select optimal AI & Machine Learning algorithms for the analysis of your business’ datasets. This platform can be customized to read any type of data from webs, files, databases, sensors and  it can also stream data in real time if need

In addition, its attractive viewing environment makes it an easy and intuitive tool. Thus, Deep Intelligence manages to create and configure algorithms in a simple way to analyze data in an optimal way.

Our tool can be used in different areas, therefore, we have used it in projects such as Expand IntelWines, which is based on the development and implementation of new artificial intelligence techniques in the production process of a winery, to support decision-making and traceability of the product at all stages.

We leave you some images of the day!