Smart Data gives many opportunities for business growth

Smart Data gives many opportunities for business growth

Thyssenkrupp, a company that offers mobility solutions, will optimize its mechanisms through its new technology warehouse in Madrid. The company estimates that the centralization of its services will lead to a 50% reduction in the time its elevators remain out of service. Through machine learning- and smart data-driven services, travel time will decrease by 10% and elevator repair will be 30% faster. Moreover, it will contribute to the reduction of the ecological impact.

The new facility will replace the 72 centers that the company has in Spanish cities and services will be delivered from Italy and Portugal. In the long term, it is expected that the more than 10,000 warehouses that the company has around the world will be replaced by 10 large centers driven by new technologies.

Reducing waiting times and meeting the demand of its customers is one of the company's main goals. The company's CEO, Peter Walker, says that the new system, "MAX", simplifies the process of connecting customers with technicians, service or office staff. This decreases waiting times, a major inconvenience for customers.

When an elevator begins to malfunction or if its element has been damaged, the new system, based on machine learning, big data, smart data and IoT, will automatically send an alert to the technician. This will help prevent the complete breakdown of the elevator, as the technician will be able to fix any faults in time. Thus, the new system will lead to economic savings and to a reduction in the inconveniences experienced by the users.

At IoT DIH we develop systems that optimize the operation of companies. Thanks to the new technologies we can achieve economic growth while improving customer service. 

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