Technological support to industrial inspectors.

Technological support to industrial inspectors.

The Spanish company Satec launched an industry 4.0 challenge to be solved by startup companies. This glove has been awarded to the startup expert in augmented reality, Neosentec, and by the start-up expert in virtual reality, PixelsHubs.

Those companies created a system that integrates virtual and augmented reality. The main function of this system is to help industrial inspectors learn about the facilities or parts that need to be checked before visiting the facility itself.

It also provides data to inspectors through devices such as tablets, while they perform the inspection. It may even allow to practice the inspection beforehand. This being one of the keys to the project, being able to have a real-time support of the inspection.

In addition, Satec is seeking an agreement with an external company to audit the progress of the project, so that by the end they have enough data to optimize the product.

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