4th Fed4FIRE+ Open Call

4th Fed4FIRE+ Open Call

Monday, September 17, 2018

The 4th Fed4FIRE+ Open Call for Experiments focuses on proposals of experiments in the area of IoT (Internet of Things) and 5G. The major objective of this Call is to make Fed4FIRE+’s federated infrastructure directly available for execution of innovative experiments by experimenters at both industrial (including SMEs) and research organisations. Examples of such experiments may include but are not limited to testing of new protocols or algorithms, performance measurements or scalability testing. These Calls envisage experiments by which existing products or services are tested, implemented or optimized on the Fed4FIRE+ testbeds rather than proposing or developing new ideas from scratch.


Feasibility check deadline: All proposers must contact the testbeds that would like to use before 7 September 2018 for a feasibility check.


Submission deadline: 18 September 2018, at 17:00 Brussels local time


Funding conditions:

- Maximum funding per experiment: 55,000€

- Maximum funding for experiment patrons: 5,000€

- Maximum number of experiments to be accepted in this call: 5

- Maximum duration of an experiment: 5 months



- Proposals will only be accepted from a single party eligible for participation in EC H2020-projects.

- Proposers must from parties or organizations that are not already part of the Fed4FIRE+ project consortium.

- Proposers can submit multiple experiment proposals, but only one experiment per proposer will be selected for funding in this Call.

- Proposers who have submitted proposals in previous calls of the Fed4FIRE+ – project are allowed to re-submit.



Continuous Fed4FIRE+ Open Call for SMEs

Fed4FIRE+ lowers the threshold for SMEs to access the largest federation of top-quality testbeds in the area of Next Generation Internet even further. SME’s can submit proposals for funding of their experiments through the new continuous Open Call. This continuous Open Call requires very limited administrative effort with very quick response time for obtaining financial support for an initial small experiment with the possibility to extend the experiment in a 2nd stage.


Maximum requested funding per experiment:

- Stage 1: € 12 500 (incl. a max of €2 500 for patron) with a max of 40 experiments over whole of Fed4FIRE+ duration

- Stage 2: € 60 000 (incl. a max of €5 000 for patron) with a max of 8 experiments over whole of Fed4FIRE+ duration


Eligibility & re-submissions

- Proposals will only be accepted from a single party eligible for participation in the EC H2020-projects

- Can only be selected for funding for one proposal every 6 months

- For stage 2 only successful proposals from stage 1 can be submitted.

- For stage 1 a proposal, if rejected can only be re-submitted after 6 months

- For stage 2 a proposal, if rejected, can only be re-submitted once

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