06 Jun


06 Jun, 2018

Featuring keynotes, workshops and product demos, the Internet Of Things Convention offers a bird-eye view of the Belgian IoT landscape.

What IoT-applications will change our daily lives? And what trends should we keep an eye on? More than 40 IoT-solutions will be presented to you by our participating companies, you can learn from more than 20 well-known speakers, roll up your sleeves during 10 practical workshops and get inspired in our start-up village.

01 Jun

IoT and Digital Transformation

01 Jun, 2018

On Friday, June 1, at 5:00 p.m., the Chamber of Commerce will host a day of disclosure on the Internet of Things (IoT), aimed at members of traditional SMEs who wish to incorporate these technologies into their production processes. This day is part of the dissemination course "Approach the Internet of Things", which sponsors nine talks in different parts of the community of Castilla y León. The day will begin with a presentation by Juan Manuel Corchado, and a round table on IoT technologies, where responsible for the School of Engineering of Zamora, the company SUMATE and Aplifisa, where, at the end, a small debate will open with the participation of the listeners.

The entrance to the day will be totally free until full capacity is reached.

31 May

IV Workshop in Smart Cities

31 May, 2018

The Fourth Smart Cities Congress promotes the exchange of knowledge and experiences on Smart Cities in Spain, with the use of technology and innovation as basic tools for their development. To do this, it addresses the main issues related to the Smart City in a cross-disciplinary, multidisciplinary and multisectoral manner, showing initiatives that are currently being developed in our country.

The event, already consolidated as the main professional reference forum on the subject, allows the attendee to know the urban, social, technical, legal and opportunity spectrum of Smart Cities. All this with an eminently practical format based on the presentation of city projects already developed or in development in Spain.

10 May

Workshop 3D Modeling and Printing in 90 minutes

10 May, 2018

This workshop is dedicated to students, engineers, entrepreneurs, ... who want to know the basics of 3D modeling and printing and have little or no technical knowledge. In just 90 minutes you'll be able to see how a 3D desktop printer works, learn how to model in 3D step by step and see the end result! o The session begins with a PCI Design Factory Presentation Registration is free but limited to 20 entries! To participate you will need to bring your laptop to create an account here (
10 May

Industries of the future: IoT impact and 3D printing

10 May, 2018

This workshop is dedicated to all those interested in learning more about the impact of IoT technologies and 3D printing and its impact on future industries Registration is free but mandatory
24 Apr

Day of IoT

24 Apr, 2018

Few growing markets give businesses and consumers the ability to create, innovate and solve problems through technology such as IoT. With the adoption of IoT technology, from the development of new management systems to the exploitation of historical operational data, this event will provide a market vision of the Internet of Things until 2020.

Know the global and regional performance of the IoT market up to 2020 Understand the industries that drive regional IoT spending Identify market segments in which IOT technology is achieving higher adoption rates Understand the challenges and opportunities associated with the deployment of IoT initiatives Gain visibility in the complex ecosystem of IoT Promote the culture of innovation to create applications and services necessary to take advantage of the IoT opportunity To address these issues and learn more about this topic, we invite you to participate in the IoT webinar on April 24.

05 Apr

Instruments for the digital transformation of the companies

05 Apr, 2018

Day of dissemination and training about Digital Innovation Hubs, and how the process of digitizing European industry takes a key role for digital innovation centers in the regions involved in this event.
22 Mar

IoT & Startups workshop

22 Mar, 2018

Next Thursday, March 22, we celebrated the IoT & Startups meeting at the Enel Madrid Innovation Hub. We are going to reflect on the Internet of Things and how entrepreneurship in this sector and new ideas influence the lives and daily lives of all people. We will have the participation of some of the most relevant startups in the IoT market such as Metiora, Sigfox or Plactherm with which we will discuss the progress and expectations of the sector, together with experts from Enel and Endesa.

14 Mar

Hackathon IBM

14 Mar, 2018

08 Mar

II Conference on Industry 4.0

08 Mar, 2018

The event consists of three parts: - Information days: Workshops will be held on Industry 4.0 from an external, administrative and management point of view. They will be carried out by entities of the Junta de Castilla y León - Technical conferences: Workshops will be held about Industry 4.0 from a scientific-technical point of view, delving into the underlying technologies within this concept. Will be in charge of the University of Salamanca - Makeathon: The main idea of a Makeathon is to show how agile and flexible development methodologies work, oriented towards practical solutions. In this context, different professionals and students will join efforts to generate a functional prototype that will be presented on the last day The complete information for both the days and the makeathon can be found on the web:


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