12 Sep 2018
New technologies have brought with them a great deal of information.
5 Sep 2018
The Development of Industry 4.0 is affecting newly created cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks and buses. One of the most widespread formats for the...
30 Aug 2018
Cryptocurrencies have appeared as a great technology “boom”. Although they were announced recently, large transactions are taking place with them.
7 Aug 2018
The term new industrial revolution or industry 4.0 is used to refer to new methods of manufacture and production.
7 Aug 2018
If you consult the catalog of European DIH (Digital Innovation Hub), you can see our IoT DIH like a part of this great European technological...
2 Aug 2018
The blockchain is one of the greatest technological innovations for the decentralization of relations between Internet users. Its greater public...
25 Jul 2018
Spanish companies are in the process of digitalisation and one fifth of them are investing in R&D. This represents a notable increase in the...
18 Jul 2018
Air quality is becoming a threatening worldwide problem, especially in developed countries and large cities where it is alarmingly poor.
11 Jul 2018
The applications of the Internet of Things have as their only limit the imagination and creativity of the researchers who develop them. Its use...


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